Soul Warrior Cleanse


Introducing The Soul Warrior Cleanse.


A 7 day mental cleanse to reset and train the mind to X out negativity and replace it with positivity. 

Based on Emmett Fox's "The Mental Diet", Ryan S Harvey takes you on a 7 day journey to begin letting go of the negative and embracing the positive!

Get ready to test your limits and push your mind!
7-day positivity challenge
Train your mind
Learn to embrace the positive
1 X 5-minute video each day of the week
Alone or with a group


A Place Called Happiness

What is happiness? How does someone create more happiness in their life?

It’s actually much simpler than you think. In this 25 minute, cinematic video training, Ryan S. Harvey takes you on a journey to A Place Called Happiness.

We’ve spent the majority of our lives becoming accustomed to negativity, to fear, to sadness and to pain. Wherever we turn, whenever we read the newspaper, watch the news, and go through our Social Media feeds, we get bombarded with more and more things that drain us of our happiness.

It’s time to change all of that.

Ryan wants to give you his 6 keys to happiness. These habits will unlock a door to a happier, more fulfilled life. By creating positive, uplifting and happy inducing habits, each day, we can begin shifting the reality around us and creating true happiness.

So, are you ready? Then, let’s get to it.

Price $44

Private Coaching 

If you're committed to your personal and spiritual growth but you would like individual support and accountability this option is for you. If you're like me you flourish with support. Very similar to the gym, I see better result when I have one on one coaching, accountability and support. This private coaching package is a great way to supplement our challenges and courses. You will receive one on one coaching, 30 minutes once a week via Zoom web conference.

Price $100