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The New parenting model...

Parenting doesn't come with a manual, even though I wish it did and many of us aren't taught how to parent so we often find ourselves out of resources, backed into a corner, using bad strategies to get our kids to listen. Then we're flooded with guilt. Having a heightened level of awareness can be a good and a bad thing; we sometimes let thing bother us more than they should. So much of the old model of parenting is to break children down, manage their emotions so that it feels good to us. Thank God, that model is shifting... but how do we get our kids to listen but still honor who they are, their emotions and their experience? Thankfully we had Hayley Goldberg from Heart of Connecting stop by for a 1:1 to give us some ways we can implement more positive, conscious parenting. Take a watch and let us know what you learned.

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